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Ryusa No Toba

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Area Park Chapter S1-3 Genre Dubstep
BPM 160 Time 2:23 Vocals N/A
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No info
Version 1.0 - July 12, 2016
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 4 6 11 13
Max Combo 397 465 642 810


Just when Ritmo came back to earth, after losing himself in the music,
he caught a glimse of the brown box on Fisica's back,
"What are you carrying?" "Now that you've noticed, I might as well explain."
— Before first play
I still don't understand. What kind of machine is that?" "Let's walk and talk."
As Fisica put back the device, Ritmo put his lute on his back,
jumped off the arched bridge, and starting walking with Fisica.
"A Notalium tuner simulator?"
"Exactly, the research center begged me to make it."
"According to the documents, one should be able to use a device like this for "tuning."
It can be used to recover the "ordered state" of disordered Notalium."
"It was designed and made by you alone? Truly worthy of the name, "The Queen of wisdom, Fisica"!
Just like that and you'll be able to fix the problems of Al Niente?"
The weird title left Fisica unsure whether to laugh or cry.
"According to our test runs, there shouldn't be any problems with the direction of our research,
but in practice there are issues."
— After first play
They thought back to their childhood,
when the two of them played together all the time, and how happy they were in this place.
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit

Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Whisper


Hit every Rail notes and Max Combo 30% or more
Purple Challenge Whisper


Achieve score 940000 or more
Red Challenge Ultra


"Fail" count no more than 25
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


Hit every Rail notes "Harmony" rate 94% or more
Blue Challenge Overall


Achieve Purified or above for each difficulty
White Challenge Master


Hit every Flick notes and hit every Click notes

Trivia Edit


-Lanota- SIHanatsuka - Vortex

-Lanota- SIHanatsuka - Vortex