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Area Apple Tree Chapter I-1 Genre [Genre]
BPM 157 Time 2:13 Vocals naoto (Naoto Fuuga)
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No Info
Version 1.0 - July 12, 2016
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 1 5 8 10
Max Combo 116 160 258 444


Fisica and Ritmo set off northward.
A towering tree stands erect at the base of the trail.
To their surprise there were twinkling Notalium crystals inside the hollow of the tree,
and Ritmo excitedly began his tuning work.
— Before first play
Bright red glistening fruit was growing on the tree. It gave off a sweet fresh scent.
Fisica looked over in thought, "Father used to buy them for me at the market place. They're--apples!"
Taking a big bite, the sweet and sour flavors collided with her memories of yore.
She got up on her tiptoes to pick an apple.
"The mountain trail leading up here was probably blocked by Al Niente,
making apples vanish from our lives."
— After first play
Breaking free from the fetters of Al Niente, all creation came back to life once again.
In great celebration, joyous sounds resounded throughout the forest.
— After completing three challenges


Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Whisper


Achieve score 900000 or more
Purple Challenge Whisper


"Fail" count no more than 8
Red Challenge Ultra


"Harmony" rate 80% or more
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


Hit every Flick note and "Fail" count no more than 6
Blue Challenge Master


Achieve score 930000 or more
White Challenge Master


"Harmony" rate 98% or more



いつも色褪せることのない 「未来」

Hirogaru sekai ni ite Kidzuku 
Jibun no kimochi o otoshite 
kasanete ōkina e ni naru 
Isogu kokoro ni wa kako no jibun no kage 
tsumazuite mo, nando mo, 
omoiegaku iro ni wa 

Sukima naku ume tsukusa reta omoi 
dokomade demo tsudzuite yukudarou 
bokutachi ga egakidasu kono michi wa 
darenimo nurikae rarenai to tsuyoi ishi to azayakana hikaru
itsumo iroaseru koto no nai `mirai’ 

Spreading throughout this world, I have came to realize 
The feelings that i have kept away 
A big picture they combine to become 
In a hurry, my heart hurries past, my own shadow that I left behind 
No matter if I failed, no matter the times 
I will continue to imagine the color 

Leaving no gaps unfilled, the feelings fill them up 
It doesn’t matter where, I will still continue on 
The road that we drew out I will keep moving on 
No one else is allowed to paint on this path 
With a strong will and a bright vivid light 
Never will these colors ever fade away, “Future" 


  • This song and Dream goes on are the only two songs with the lowest possible difficulty for a Master chart (10).
  • This song's Whisper chart has the lowest notecount of any chart, and has no Flick notes.
  • This song's Acoustic chart has the lowest notecount of any Acoustic chart, and of any chart rated 5, and has no red Flick notes.
  • Furthermore, the Ultra and Master charts have the lowest notecounts for their respective difficulties.


-Lanota- vivid color - naoto (Audio)

-Lanota- vivid color - naoto (Audio)