The Gifted Girl and the Starlight Shooter

Side story 1 cover

Side story 1
Fisica scratched her head, "according to the documents I have to do this next,"
she clenched her fists, emanating confidence.
"It must be finished soon, test it, quick."

Section 1Edit

Just a fairy tale 1
Fisica conducted the first test run of the device in the lab.
Just a fairy tale 2
"Although I say it works, its collection speed was rather low during the run-"
"-And to think how long I've been searching!"
Fisica got up to open the door, sighing with exasperation,
"I'm beat; I need to walk to clear my mind."

Section 2Edit

The lonely wolf 1
Steping out of the cabin, Fisica gazed into the distance, which seemed dimmer than even a day earlier.
"It seems as if Al Niente has worsened, I must persevere. One more try!"
The lonely wolf 2
"Still far from usable," Fisica furrowed her brow,
"It is truly quite difficult to get it working, could it be that I just don't have what it takes?"
Lost in thought, Fisica couldn't stop thinking about what she had done wrong,
Why don't the test results ever turn out as expected?
"Forget it, might as well go get some ingredients for dinner first."
Temporarily leaving her predicament behind her, Fisica set off towards the market place.
Side story 2
"Onion~♪, tomato~♪, carrot~♪; tonight we're eating ratatouille,"
Fisica hummed as she made her way home.
She passed a park, crossed an arch bridge, and raised her head, spotting a familiar shadow.
"Well, if it isn't the strong willed gifted girl herself?" "And if it isn"t the idiotic peddling poet himself?'
"What poet? I'm the Starlight shooter Ritmo!"
Ritmo was holding a lute, and he immediately played a piece to prove himself,
yet Fisica didn't seem to care.

Section 3Edit

Vortex 1
Just when Ritmo came back to earth, after losing himself in the music,
he caught a glimse of the brown box on Fisica's back,
"What are you carrying?" "Now that you've noticed, I might as well explain."
Vortex 2
I still don't understand. What kind of machine is that?" "Let's walk and talk."
As Fisica put back the device, Ritmo put his lute on his back,
jumped off the arched bridge, and starting walking with Fisica.
"A Notalium tuner simulator?"
"Exactly, the research center begged me to make it."
"According to the documents, one should be able to use a device like this for "tuning."
It can be used to recover the "ordered state" of disordered Notalium."
"It was designed and made by you alone? Truly worthy of the name, "The Queen of wisdom, Fisica"!
Just like that and you'll be able to fix the problems of Al Niente?"
The weird title left Fisica unsure whether to laugh or cry.
"According to our test runs, there shouldn't be any problems with the direction of our research,
but in practice there are issues."

Section 4Edit

Ryusa no toba 1
Intrigued by the simulator, Ritmo asked if he could try to make it work,
"Please! let me try!"
Fisica thought, maybe this will work.
"Okay, I'll let you try. The melody is already installed on the device. You can start now."
Ryusa no toba 2
Ritmo examined the simulator up and down, and began playing a legato melody,
Fisica was both shocked and perplexed, completely dumbstruck.
"Super easy to run, and with a beautiful timbre, amazing!" Ritmo happily remarked.
It's not possible, let me see the data!" Fisica grabbed the simulator,
"What a shock... if it were him..."
Without a moment to lose, Fisica grabbed Ritmo's hand out of its drunken musical trance, "Come with me!"
Side story 3
Upon entering the lab, Fisica walked straight to the table,
"Make dinner for me. There are ingredients for making ratatouille in the bag."
She gave Ritmo instructions as she adjusted the simulator.
Ritmo had little choice but to rub his head in agreement.
Who know's how long had passed since Ritmo had eaten his full and dozed off.
He woke up and stretched his body.
"The dish is already cold. How long exactly are you going to be working on that?"
Side story 4
"Finished!!!" Fisica exclaimed, pulling Ritmo outside,
"Ouch, wait a second!"

Section 5Edit

Promised heaven 1
Unable to hide her excitement, Fisica shoved the simulator into Ritmo's arms.
"I readjusted the system according to the results from when you played it just now; test it again."
Promised heaven 2
Fisica snatched the device from Ritmo's hands once again.
"Perfect! If you can achieve this level of efficiency, then maybe we can truly tune the disordered Notalium>"
In that moment the changes in the distance caught Ritmo's attention. "Ah, probably not over there though-"
"Yeah. And it's late, maybe you should head home for now."
Side story 5
"One step closer towards finding the "truth"."
Full of hope, Fisica mumbled to herself. Memories of her father and mother come to her mind.



Just a fairy tale 3
Who knows where it came from, but there was a kitten who would often sneak into the lab.
Fisica thought it was super cute. Even if it made trouble she didn't mind.
She even gave it a weird name - Ether.
And so it was, one person, one cat, often on the rooftop happily passing the time reading.
The lonely wolf 3
When Fisica wanted to take a break from the intense atmosphere in the lab,
she would go to the lake to read or nap, surrounding herself in peace and serenity.
Vortex 3
They thought back to their childhood,
when the two of them played together all the time, and how happy they were in this place.
Ryusa no toba 3
Starlight shooter Ritmo started on the secret mission of the evening-
The campus, without a soul in sight, would host a concert to to rock the starry night!
Promised heaven 3
While eating her ratatouille, Fisica was thinking about ways to make the tuning device,
and feeling extremely excited about the possibility that her dreams might actually come true.