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Area Lake Chapter I-4 Genre [Genre]
BPM 86-92 Time 2:35 Vocals None
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No info
Version 1.0 - July 12, 2016
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 2 6 9 13
Max Combo 177 277 539 777



The two of them continued along a small path until reaching the next Notalium site.
It was a lake even bigger than their town.
It was as if the pitch black lake was a large entrance into a bottomless abyss,
sending a shiver of fear down one's spine.
— Before first play
Moonlight reflected off the midnight blue lake, and all creation lay still.
Entranced by the dim lit night, Ritmo couldn't help but hum while playing a slow nocturne.
Fisica sat by closely listening, letting the melody wash away the weariness of the day.
— After first play
Full of new life,
the ripples on the lake reflected the sunlight,
just as they themselves were reflected in the clouds above.
A bird flapped its wings as it flew across the sky, and golden streaks of radiant light flickered in its path.
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit

Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Acoustic


Achieve score 910000 or more
Purple Challenge Acoustic


"Fail" count no more than 10
Red Challenge Ultra


Achieve score 880000 or more
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


Achieve All Combo or above
Blue Challenge Master


Play in speed 4 and "Fail" count no more than 25
White Challenge Master


Hit every Catch note and hit every Click note

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first song to have a tempo variation, with 86 BPM in the beginning, then it jumps up to 92 in the chorus, then back down to 86 in the end.
  • After the 1.2.1 update, the Master chart had a slight change where the Rail Notes in the first few seconds are now on one side instead of alternating left and right. Currently, this makes it the only chart to have been changed following its release.

Video Edit

-Lanota- Night Yacht - Yukino (Audio)

-Lanota- Night Yacht - Yukino (Audio)