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Ne m'oubliez pas
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Area Forget-Me-Not Field Chapter I-2 Genre [Genre]
BPM 118 Time 2:23 Vocals None
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No Info
Version 1.0 - July 12, 2016
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 3 7 10 12
Max Combo 228 300 568 799


Ritmo felt the drumbeat of mother nature,
and cheerfully skipped and hummed in spontaneous song as he carried on ahead.
Fisica followed instep without uttering a word, gazing into the black and white landscape ahead.
All of a sudden, a sea of colorless flowers came into view.
— Before first play
As soon as Ritmo finished his skillful tuning,
it started drizzling, and like a small child he dashed out of the rain.
Fisica stayed put. The azure blue sea of flowers reflected in her pupils.
Without realizing it, she called out the flower's name:
— After first play
Although the rain had not yet stopped, no rainfall lasts forever.
— After completing three challenges


Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Acoustic


Achieve Purified or above
Purple Challenge Acoustic


Hit every Flick note
Red Challenge Ultra


Achieve Tuned or above
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


Play in speed 5 and achieve score 900000 or more
Blue Challenge Master


Hit every Catch note and hit every Rail note
White Challenge Master


Achieve score 993000 or above


  • The title of this song is French, meaning "Don't forget me".
    • Coincidentally, the flowers in the artwork are known as forget-me-nots.
  • Although the game doesn't say it, this song was also composed by KillerBlood.
  • This song's Acoustic chart has the lowest notecount of any chart rated 7.


-Lanota- Ne m'oubliez pas - Triodust (Audio)

-Lanota- Ne m'oubliez pas - Triodust (Audio)