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Area Graveyard Chapter S2-6 Genre
BPM 130 Time 2:20 Vocals N/A
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No info
Version 1.2 - January 20, 2017
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 3 7 11 14
Max Combo 217 333 634 935


As they carried on, a much smoother well-trodden path appeared.
They kept walking until finally coming to a large cemetery.
Columns and columns of tombstones stood in line,
appearing to have been well looked after until the time of Al Niente.
The disordered Notalium silently stood in front of the grand central monument.
— Before first play
The tuning was finally completed after a considerable amount of effort.
The cemetery seemed even quieter, with echoes of insects chirping softly in the starry night.
Fisica walked alone towards the central monument, carefully reading the text on it.
"The inscription reads, 'May the valiant warriors rest in peace here.'"
"According to the time it was engraved, this may be a historical site from the First Notalium War era."
"......" "Ritmo?" "Ah, is that so..." Ritmo trembled involuntarily.
"What's wrong with you? It's already dark and looks like we can't go further today.
"Let's just rest here in the keeper's hut for the night."
"Are...are we going to take a break here and not go any further?"
— After first play
Those who enjoyed the fruits of peace may have forgotten the pain of the war,
but they must not leave the foolishness and sorrow behind.
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit

Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Whisper


achieve score 809350 or more
Purple Challenge Acoustic


play in speed 5 and Max combo 39% or more
Red Challenge Acoustic


achieve score 859350 or more
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


hit every Catch notes
Blue Challenge Ultra


achieve score 909350 or more
White Challenge Master


achieve score 969350 and hit every Catch notes