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2018-12-12 - Version 1.12 released. The following Chapter has been added to the game:
—Expansion Chapter M: A City only in the Memories
2018-09-20 - Version 1.11 released. The following Chapter has been added to the game:
—Expansion Chapter L: 3R2 Selection
2018-07-13 - In celebration of Lanota's second anniversary, the iOS/Android versions of Lanota and various DLC packs have been temporarily discounted until July 24th.
2018-06-28 - Version 1.10 released. The following Chapters have been added to the game:
—Main Story Chapter IV: Towards the Endless Sky
—Expansion Chapter J: Laboratory "Allegro"
—Expansion Chapter K: Laboratory "Presto"


Which song from the new Chapter M - "A City Only in the Memories" are you most excited for?

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Lanota FontEdit

A font made in the style of the game has been made! Find it here!

Note that some letters are not available because they haven't been used in-game yet. Therefore, we don't know what they look like.

Also, they can only be used in uppercase since the game shows no differences between uppercase and lowercase letters (Type with Caps Lock on).