In the main storyline, there are 8 items. Two are collected in Chapter 0, four in Chapter 1, one in Chapter 2, and one in Chapter 3.

The items can be collected by clearing a song for the first time.

Picture Item In-Game




Extra Information
Notalium Artificial product from the era before "Al Niente."

Each unit possessing a great amount of energy which may be utilized as various power resources for daily use and more. At the moment, Notalium is held and distributed exclusively by the Notalium Administration.

The original method people used to produce Notalium before Al Niente has yet to be determined.

Al Niente is a disaster started from two and half centuries ago with reason unknown to anyone and is still spreading even for now.

Affected area will gradually lose color and sound in the beginning, then everything will eventually freeze in a desolation as if the world has stopped turning.

Since their childhood, Fisica and Ritmo can only reach as far as the edge of their town. Although wearing accessories made of Notalium makes one able to resist the unfavorable effects of Al Niente, ordered Notalium will gradually turn into their disordered state, such that it is impossible to stay safe in Al Niente affected areas for too long.

All songs
Notalium tuner The "Notalium tuner" was designed and produced by Fisica based on documents preserved and circulated by the Notalium Administration. Disordered Notalium can be tuned with the Notalium tuner to achieve an ordered state. Afterwards, the energy within can be used. Start of game (after completing Dream goes on)
Bright red fruit The bright red fruit has a delicate fragrance. It seems to be called an "apple." It has a fresh crispy bite and a sweet scent. Ritmo saves the fruit as a precious food variety. vivid color
Mysterious egg A pale green egg. Having never seen an egg of similar size or color, Fisica considers the egg an important object of study and carefully preserves it. ciel nocturne
Black disc An unidentified object picked up inside the factory. The following verse is inscribed on the envelope of the disc:

"Turning, turning, the wheel of time completes another turn

Threaded with fine memories of thee for whom I yearn

I only pray my voice resounds across all earth and sea

To reach the very end of time and bring thee back to me"



A document found on a desk inside the city bell tower written in an unintelligible language. At the end of the document it is stamped with the seal of the Notalium Administration. It seems to have been a document of great importance. Frey's Philosophy
Hydrageas A common horticultural plant with variable colors and special shapes. With their beautiful, dreamy blossoms, hydrangeas have always been one of the favorite themes for poets and musicians in history. Ritmo is very fond of them. Eternal Love
Silence Border Guard Manual
Silence Border Guard Manual Rossa and Nero's Silence Border Guard Manual, showing where the tunnel of the National Institute of Notalium led to in detail. On the back of one page of map, lines were written in a language Fisica and Ritmo were not familiar with. Rossa explained that it was a brief history of the Silence Border in a century. Duelo Inside is a map of the tunnel of the National Institute of Notalium, including where all of the many paths lead. Current locations known include: a city in the south, the Silence Border Guard, Presto (a lab), Allegro (a lab), the Farm Village, and another new location that the story will reveal in Chapter 4 once it's released.