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Chapter 3, also known as "Tunnel of the National Institute of Notalium", is the fourth chapter of the main storyline.

The story follows Rossa and Nero when Fisica and Ritmo go in the tunnel at the end of Chapter 2. It was released in 1.5 and has 7 songs with a Boss Song, You are the Miserable.


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Hidden PoemEdit

When completing 3 challenges in any song in this chapter, it yields a passage of text that seems to be part of a single poem with parts from each song area. Whether or not the order of the songs is the order of the text in the poem, that is unknown.

“Those who enter through this portal shall restore all melodies.”

Song for Sprites-
“Melody is harmony. Melody is order. Melody is the infinite light. Melody is the source of life.”

“Sound is all things merged together on earth, all energies flourishing;
it turns light into rainbows, the spring into torrents.”

“Here lies a bumpy road ahead. Do not be hasty.”
“May the blessed ones finally fly free.”

Androgynos A-
“Melody is a divine gift, whilst silence is a divine revelation.”
“Thou shalt listen to silence......”

Androgynos B-
“...those things which are not to be controlled shall not be controlled;
those things which are not to be disobeyed shall not be disobeyed;
Do not dream in vain ... ... for the Notalium ... ...

You are the Miserable-
“Wait for me, Ena.”


Song ListEdit

Title Artist Area Difficulty Time BPM Vocals Items
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Apocalypse Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra Gate 4 8 10 12 2:42 220 Yes No
Song for Sprites Sta Woodwind Instruments 4 7 10 13 2:31 140 No No
Phoebus Yooh Brass Instruments 3 7 11 13 2:25 176 No No
Duelo sweez / Meine Meinung String Instruments 5 8 11 14 2:32 160 No Silence Border Guard Manual
Androgynos A WAiKURO Percussion Instruments 5 8 12 14 2:14 192 No No
Androgynos B WAiKURO Percussion Instruments 5 9 13 14 2:51 192 No No
You are the Miserable t+pazolite Pipe Organ 6 9 13 15 2:43 163 Yes No