The Heartbeat of Mother Nature

Chapter 1 cover

Story 1
After tuning the Notalium in the southeastern cave,
Notalium all around the world awoke in "resonance," and their supply of energy gradually grew in strength.
Story 6
Through hard work, Fisica was able to tweak the Notalium tuner
such that it would be capable of detecting nearby Notalium resources, giving their mission direction.

Section 1Edit

Vivid color 1
Fisica and Ritmo set off northward.
A towering tree stands erect at the base of the trail.
To their surprise there were twinkling Notalium crystals inside the hollow of the tree,
and Ritmo excitedly began his tuning work.
— Before first play
Vivid color 2
Bright red glistening fruit was growing on the tree. It gave off a sweet fresh scent.
Fisica looked over in thought, "Father used to buy them for me at the market place. They're--apples!"
Taking a big bite, the sweet and sour flavors collided with her memories of yore.
She got up on her tiptoes to pick an apple.
"The mountain trail leading up here was probably blocked by Al Niente,
making apples vanish from our lives."
— After first play

Section 2Edit

Ne m'oubliez pas 1
Ritmo felt the drumbeat of mother nature,
and cheerfully skipped and hummed in spontaneous song as he carried on ahead.
Fisica followed instep without uttering a word, gazing into the black and white landscape ahead.
All of a sudden, a sea of colorless flowers came into view.
— Before first play
Ne m'oubliez pas 2
As soon as Ritmo finished his skillful tuning,
it started drizzling, and like a small child he dashed out of the rain.
Fisica stayed put. The azure blue sea of flowers reflected in her pupils.
Without realizing it, she called out the flower's name:
— After first play

Section 3Edit

Ciel nocturne 1
After cutting across a footpath in the middle of the flowerbed,
Fisica and Ritmo saw a giant nest they had never seen before resting on the vast prairie ahead of them.
— Before first play
Ciel nocturne 2
Fisica picked up an egg quite different in color from the other eggs in the nest and carefully examined it.
She paused in thought before placing it inside her bag.
Ritmo was perplexed, but he knew no one could quell Fisica's insatiable curiosity,
and it was best to stay quiet and not ask questions.
— After first play

Section 4Edit

Night yacht 1
The two of them continued along a small path until reaching the next Notalium site.
It was a lake even bigger than their town.
It was as if the pitch black lake was a large entrance into a bottomless abyss,
sending a shiver of fear down one's spine.
— Before first play
Night yacht 2
Moonlight reflected off the midnight blue lake, and all creation lay still.
Entranced by the dim lit night, Ritmo couldn't help but hum while playing a slow nocturne.
Fisica sat by closely listening, letting the melody wash away the weariness of the day.
— After first play

Section 5Edit

Darsana 1
The two of them followed the river bank downstream until reaching a narrow river valley.
They were tightly surrounded by mountains with little light shining through, and it was quite hard to breath.
A huge amount of Notalium was scattered across one of the mountains,
such that the tuner needed a significant amount of energy to work.
— Before first play
Darsana 2
After expending great effort, Ritmo was finally able to finish the tuning within the valley.
The multi-colored radiation from the Notalium was in great disharmony with nature,
looking as if it had cut open a wound in the mountain.
— After first play

Section 6Edit

Prism 1
After passing through the valley,
traces of past habitation became increasingly apparent.
Fisica and Ritmo came across an abandoned factory.
There were tools and many black discs scattered across the floor.
Fisica couldn't help but ask, "What are the discs for?"
— Before first play
Prism 2
Despite the successful tuning,
the factory still lay deathly still, having sat unused for years.
Only a few flickering light bulbs remained.
Ritmo scanned the entire place until his eye caught sight of a disc wrapped in an envelope.
— After first play
Story 7
Turning, turning, the wheel of time completes another turn
Threaded with fine memories of thee for whom I yearn
I only pray my voice resounds across all earth and sea
To reach the very end of time and bring thee back to me

Even though he couldn't understand the script on the envelope,
Ritmo's heart started racing and he put the envelope and disc in his bag.

Story 8
From the top of the mountain they could see a black and white city not too far off in the distance.
The Notalium tuner identified the city as the next Notalium cluster.
Quickening their step, Fisica and Ritmo charged ahead with uncontrollable excitement.

Section 7Edit

Trauma 1
Following a path that grew increasingly wide, they eventually reached the city center.
— Before first play
Trauma 2
After the tuning was completed, the previously motionless city started to experience changes.
The two of them heaved a sigh of relief when all of a sudden the entire city started to tremble and shake.
— After first play

Section 8Edit

Story 9
The two of them heaved a sigh of relief when all of a sudden the entire city started to tremble and shake.
The bell tower in the back rang its bells, and the Notalium tuner let out a piercing alarm.
"The energy is strong!" "it's coming from the bell tower!"
Story 10

Story 11

Story 12

Story 13

Story 14
"Where is this-?"
Frey's philosophy 1

Frey's philosophy 2
After stabilizing the Notalium inside the bell tower, everything calmed down, and for the time being the crisis seemed to have been averted.
— After first play
Story 15
The document was filled with unknown characters, yet the final page was stamped with a familiar seal.
Fisica knit her brow as she placed the document in her bag.
Story 16
Leaving the bell tower, they noticed the surrounding area and even the distant scenery had regained its color. It appeared as if the city tuning was completed.
"According to the tuner the next source of disordered Notalium is quite far from here."
"Let's rest first." Fisica proposed.<
Story 17
Walking along the city streets at night, the city was running normally as usual,
yet there wasn't a single soul to be found. Fisica and Ritmo felt oddly about it.
they were suddenly overcome with exhaustion and had no choice but to find a place to stay.
Story 18
lying on her bed, Fisica looked out at the starry night.
pensively contemplating the document as she slowly lost herself in a dreamy sleep.
Not sleepy yet, Ritmo held his dear lute while quietly humming a cheerful melody,
thinking about how after the sun rises, their journey to restore the world would go on.
Story 19
-However, in the meantime,
"The time has come."
Project Lanota is ready to be relaunched



Vivid color 3
Breaking free from the fetters of Al Niente, all creation came back to life once again.
In great celebration, joyous sounds resounded throughout the forest.
— After completing three challenges
Ne m&#039;oubliez pas 3
Although the rain had not yet stopped, no rainfall lasts forever.
— After completing three challenges
Ciel nocturne 3
In the quiet of the night,
unborn life struggled with all its might to assert its being.
— After completing three challenges
Night yacht 3
Full of new life,
the ripples on the lake reflected the sunlight,
just as they themselves were reflected in the clouds above.
A bird flapped its wings as it flew across the sky, and golden streaks of radiant light flickered in its path.
— After completing three challenges
Darsana 3
The vegetation in this area gradually came back to life, healthy and strong.
Yet how much more time would be needed to fully re-fertilize these lands to mend a deep set scar?
— After completing three challenges
Prism 3
The abandoned factory would never operate again,
although the thought of it up and running was a beautiful fantasy that was hard to resist.
— After completing three challenges
Trauma 3
Spouting fountain water danced in every which way to the beautiful light refracting off of the Notalium,all in concert with a grand musical performance.
How many travelers have stopped in their tracks to revel at the sight?
— After completing three challenges
Frey&#039;s philosophy 3
When exactly was this place cleaned up? Could it be that there were other people here?
— After completing three challenges