Chapter 0 cover


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Chapter 0, also known as "The Resounding Voice in the Air", is the first chapter of the main storyline, where Fisica and Ritmo begin their journey.

This chapter has 3 songs, but with no Boss Songs included.


Song ListEdit

Title Artist Area Difficulty Time BPM Vocals Items
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Dream goes on Tiny Minim Fisica's House 1 5 8 10 2:22 174 Yes Notalium

Notalium tuner

Only the place where truth has engraved KarasuyaSabou Deserted Village 2 6 9 11 3:08 90 Yes No
Chronosis song yanagi

ft. Mika Kobayashi

Cave 4 7 9 12 2:39 192 Yes No


  • This is the shortest chapter in the game.
  • It is the only chapter where all its songs have vocals.
  • This chapter has the lowest average difficulty of any chapter for all four difficulties - 2.3 for Whisper, 6 for Acoustic, 8.7 for Ultra and 11 for Master.
  • Furthermore, it is the only chapter in the game to not have a chart rated 13.