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The previous title screen

Lanota is a music rhythm game created by Noxy Games Incorporation. It was released on the App Store in summer 2016, as well as on Google Play. The game currently costs $1.99 for the full version, with two Side Story Chapters costing $3.99 each, with five songs in Side Story 1 and six songs in Side Story 2. It also has eleven expansion chapters; Expansion Chapter A is free and consists of 5 songs, while Expansions B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K are $3.99 with five songs in each.

Switch ReleaseEdit

2018.6.14 - Lanota landed on Nintendo Switch costing $14.99 without any in-app purchases and two exclusive songs, New World and MariannE. MarriannE, however, was later also released in the mobile version of the game in update 1.10, in Expansion Chapter K. New World was also later added to Chapter A.


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The current title screen

The world has been afflicted with a unknown force known as "Al Niente", a weathering force that stops all sound and creation, eventually plunging the world into desolation. Two and a half centuries have passed, with only what is implied to be a small area in which our heroes reside. Our two protagonists, Fisica and Ritmo, are tasked by the Notalium Administration to travel the world and purify the world from Al Niente artificially. To do this they are equipped with a device known as the Notalium Tuner, a device made by Fisica capable of turning disordered Notalium back to its ordered state through a process known as "tuning". Through this process, the ordered Notalium can be used to traverse through disordered Notalium, but only for a short amount of time before Al Niente can take back control. Are the two heroes able to save their own world, or die trying?


All song counts are as of current version, see Version History for more details.

No. Main Story Side Story Expansion Others
1 0 (3 songs) 1 (5 songs) A (6 songs)
2 1 (8 songs) 2 (6 songs) B (5 songs)
3 2 (6 songs) C (5 songs)
4 3 (7 songs) D (5 songs)
5 4 (6 songs) E (5 songs)
6 F (5 songs)
7 G (5 songs)
8 H (5 songs)


I (5 songs)


J (5 songs)


K (5 songs)
12 L (5 songs)